Become a volunteer

We are currently looking for more University of Nottingham students to volunteer to speak in schools! It’s an amazing opportunity to transform the lives of young people while developing your own skills. All volunteers visiting schools complete a short training session to ensure they are confident in the role and pupils get the best experience. Volunteering is very flexible: we advertise dates we are visiting schools, and you just sign up to any you can make.

If public speaking isn’t your thing there is still plenty to do, including fundraising, outreach, lesson planning, website administration and social media work. To become one of our volunteers, or just to enquire further about what we do, please email, see the other ways to contact us, or complete the form below. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Why do you want to volunteer with us and what skills might you bring to working with us?
Any further requirements or queries, such as the target year groups and how you would like the sessions delivered (pre-recorded, live-streamed, in-person).